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Cabo, your Tuna Fishing Headquarters!

Does that say it all? It’s the place where fishermen want to go. Cabo is known as the Marlin Fishing Capital of the World, but it is also a place where you can catch lots of Yellowfin Tuna, Skipjack, and Bonito. In fact the waters around Southern Baja have produced lots of giant Yellowfin Tuna. Southern Baja waters have produced plenty of Yellowfin Tuna and lots of 100+ pounders. Every year in the waters surrounding Cabo there are numerous 200+ lb. fish and also fish in the 300’s. There were fish in the high 300’s taken this season and then in the water just north of Cabo the 405 lb. giant Yellowfin Tuna was caught and declared a new world record. That will be a tough record to break. But watch the waters around Cabo to produce plenty of big girls and possibly a new world record.

Is the fishing that good? How about the Los Cabos Tuna Jackpot Tournament put on by Western Outdoor News giving half a million dollars in prize money for big tuna! That gives you an idea of what Cabo tuna fishing is like. Cabo tuna fishing is a happening thing year round. But the hottest times are when the water is warm. Often times working lures or live bait in the surfacing porpoise schools will bring bone jarring takes with long tough fights lasting hours.Come and see what World Class Cabo Tuna Fishing is about.

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